TisBest Charity Choice The Good Card Global Giving Donors Unite Charity on Top
Sponsoring Organization TisBest Philanthropy Special Kids Fund Network for Good Global Giving Donors Unite Management Corp. Charity on Top Foundation, Inc.
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Ease of Use
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User Experience
Comments The first charity gift card - introduced in 2007. Intuitive website. Custom images printed on physical cards for free, with no minimum quantity. Same or next day shipping. Offers special branding for businesses. Low fees. Unclear purchase and redemption programs. Customization only for bulk orders; long lead times. High to very high fees. Direct donation website, with charity gift card offering. Only one card image is available. No custom cards. Low fees. International giving portal also offering charity gift cards. Clean interface. Customization available. Long lead times. Very high fees. Well designed and easy to use website. Does not offer physical gift cards. Fees are variable and difficult to understand. Operated by a for-profit company. First appeared in 2016. Launched in 2016. Card ordering is easy, but image choices are not great. No custom image handling is available. Fees are low. The Terms reveal for-profit company involvement.